Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2010 Nutcracker

Although this was Sammy's second time seeing the Nutcracker, she doesn't remember the first time.....

And this time?  Was MAGICAL!  From the moment the dancers started dancing her mouth fell open and she pointed excitedly.  DANCERS!  TO MUSIC!  And the CLAPPING every time someone did something extra special!  She was entranced.  And so were all of us...with her.  Towards the end, she tried pulling Papa out into the isles to dance with her like the dancers on stage were doing.  For two hours, her little life was all about ballet and dancers and little kids on stage and more dancers and the jumping!!  THE JUMPING OF THE DANCERS!!


  1. I remember that red hat and how much Mommy LOVED it!!! Me not so much!!! LOL
    She was totally entranced this year it was really fun watching her dance in front of her seat!!! I thought Mommy might get up and join her but she didn't, we wanted her to lift and bend like the dancers on stage--Sammy was!!! :-))

  2. Oh good glad u liked that hat :-) I will have Olivia wear it Saturday for you :-)And yes I LOVED that hat!!

  3. This year's picture of Sammy is absolute enchanting...makes me smile...perhaps we have a dancer in the making...does she have leg warmers?

  4. I am Hoping you lost that hat, it won't go with those Beautiful Blue Eyes that Olivia has and you know she is into her looks as she "just" had her ears pierced!!