Friday, July 1, 2011

Bowl Nake

Bowl Nake from Lorna King on Vimeo.

Sammy's pronunciation of "Bull Snake"  or "Rattle Snake" is so funny!  But it wasn't funny a short time ago when Mommy walked into her kitchen to find a bull snake in it.  The door from the garage into the house had been left open and a snake got curious.  Mommy found it, starting yelling for Daddy.  Daddy tried to sweep the snake outside once again but the hissy snake got pissy.  Daddy told Mommy and the girls not to watch, to go into a different room and that snake crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  This latest find that Sammy is discussing here is about a snake that Mommy saw sunning itself on the back patio!  And despite her absolute freak-out fear of snakes she took a photo of it!  It is a bit hard to see as it was taken with her camera phone through the screen door but here it is:

Looks kind of puny here, doesn't it?  Mommy sent the photo to Daddy at work and he thought it looked like a rattler.  He came home to kill but by then it was gone.  Yikes.

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