Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oh jeez....

Mommy sent this photo to me about Olivia's very first boo-boo but didn't explain how she got it.  When I finally opened the photo and saw this, I couldn't stop laughing.  Not because of the owie itself, but just look at that expression!!

"You wanna piece a me?!!"

PS is Mommy's story:

"well wiggle worm here, decided she didn't want to be in the little umbrellas stroller (big stroller had a broken tube in the tire) and Mommy was talking to her neighbor so Olivia decided to try and get out of the stroller and almost got out but one strap was still on her leg so she went forward but her leg stayed stuck in the strap and scraped her head on the concrete...luckily she didn't hit the concrete I caught her in time but it scared the poop out of her!  Poor little girl how she gets out I don't know, I have to have the car seat straps down so tight because she trys and gets out and most of the time she does!!"

1 comment:

  1. Oh no! She looks like she really took a header.