Saturday, March 19, 2011

De leg bone is connected to de hip bone....

The other day, Mommy sent me a video she had taken of Olivia being fed some very small pieces of BBQ ribs.  Olivia loved it...well, duh?  Pork Ribs?  BBQ'd?  OF COURSE she would.  Anyway, I remarked that I was surprised that they just didn't give her a rib bone and let her go to town.


This video I got the very next night.  You can see that Olivia is the type of person people like to cook for.  She really gets into her food, you might say.  Check out the shiney-ness on her might think that it is grease, but knowing our little one, I'm sure that it's all DROOL.

(You also can hear Sammy in the background wanting to take a picture.  She is now into her Photojournalist Phase....)

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