Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yes, I'll buy that for you

Papa took Sammy with him up to the pet store to pick up another pet crate.  While there, he took her over to see the fish, and guinea pigs, and oh, wait for it....mice.  Of course Sammy wanted to touch it, to hold it..."Can I have it?"  Sure you can, but you have to keep it at your house, Sammy.  Suffice to say, said mouse stayed at the store.  We don't want our only son to disown us.


  1. Sammy's mommy had mice. I'm sure she would love to have those stinky things in her house.

  2. I was thinking mommy might be the one that would have a fit!! Nana if I would have known that Sammy might have one!!! :-))